About Me


Hi there! I’m Kathleen, a mom of four amazing boys, three of which are homeschooled.


Here they are on one of our stops during our 50 day summer road trip!

I also run the blog Life With 4 Boys, where I have been blogging about recipes, DIY, parenting, family friendly travel and more, for over three years! I started Homeschool Curriculum is Free, because as a new homeschooler, I was scouring the web trying to find the best free or low cost homeschool materials. Why? Because I, like many of you, have limited resources, but want to give my children the best education possible. The problem? There were plenty of free homeschool materials, but they were spread all over, and took hours of searching to find. So, I decided to create a resource where parents could come to find quality homeschool curriculum that is free or cheap to use on their own.

Although my homeschool choices are varied, and focus a lot on remediation for my 11 year old who is severely dyslexic, I will strive to share all different types of free homeschool material on this site, in the hopes that everyone will be able to find something that works best for their own individual style. If you feel something is missing, or would like to see a different style represented, please let me know. My greatest desire for this site is to make homeschool accessible to everyone who feels it is the right choice for them, but may not have the financial means to purchase an expensive boxed curriculum.